scbib: a bibliography manager written in Scheme

Last Modified: 2004-09-17 (Since: 2004-07-15)

What's scbib?

scbib is a bibliography manager written in Scheme. scbib handles bibliographic data written in simple S-expressions and generates a bibtex file and an HTML file from the S-expressions file. scbib is capable of obtaining bibliographic data using the amazon web service. A simple converter for importing a bibtex file is also included.

What's New



Since scbib is intended to be used by those who understand scheme programs, I omit detailed documentation. The following example shows usage of scbib-amazon, scbib-bibtex, and scbib-html.

% scbib-amazon --token=your-aws-token --locale=us 020161586X | tee book.db
 (title "The Practice of Programming")
 (author "Brian W. Kernighan" "Rob Pike")
 (isbn "020161586X")
 (publisher "Addison-Wesley Pub Co")
 (year "1999")
 (lang "en")
 (date "2004-07-13")
 (bibtype "book")

% scbib-bibtex book.db
    author = {Brian W. Kernighan and Rob Pike},
    title = {The Practice of Programming},
    publisher = {Addison-Wesley Pub Co},
    year = {1999},

# some line breaks are added by hand to shorten the width.
% scbib-html book.db
<li>Brian W. Kernighan, Rob Pike:
<cite><a href="">
The Practice of Programming</a></cite>,
Addison-Wesley Pub Co, 1999.
<a id='Kernighan1999' name='Kernighan1999' href='#Kernighan1999'>*</a></li>

Please see the test scripts in the scbib distribution for more.


scbib is a free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.

Satoru Takabayashi